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We are a company built by Cyclists and endurance enthusiasts.


We loves to extend our support towards good hearted and the best talents in sports, especially in Cycling.


We provide maximum assistance to build racing teams, sports events and to individuals who has the passion for Cycling and who want to make big changes in our society.


We are here to up-lift the extraordinary humans - be it a person or a team.


We offer all we can - to support you for promoting Cycling and endurance sports.

 Please reach us for assistance or if you are on a mission to change the world through cycling!. We love to hear from you!


Contact us at: hello@cyclingboutique.in


We will get in touch with you :)



Team CyclingBoutique.


Cycling Boutique Sponsored Athletes Series


The Cycling Boutique Sponsored Athlete Series is our officially All India Sponsored Athletes Incubation Program, that is a part of many of our ambitious and revolutionary cycling community services to uplift the much deserved and hard working cyclists of India. We assist our fellow cyclists to perform well and achieve their passion for cycling. We sincerely assist our fellow budding runner and marathon athletes of India too.


Athlete #1:  Raman Garimella, Hyderabad, India

 Cycling Boutique Sponsored Cycling Athlete - Raman Garimella

Raman Garimella needs big claps and cheer-ups to Raman for taking bold decision to break away from the typical stereotype conventional career aspirations and deterministically chosen cycling as a passionate career. We at Cycling Boutique thoroughly recognized Raman’s efforts and we will be maximally assisting him to achieve his vision and goals. Raman at his his young age where typical youngsters worry about occuppying a typical 9-5 office job has taken bold steps to beak way and selected Cycling as active Career. This is a not conventional practice in a typical developing country like India, especially for a person of Raman's age.

Today, Raman is an example for any one who wanted to taken up passion as career. Raman works hard and trains even more hard to acheive his goals and be an elite athlete. Any indian cyclist who wanted to pursue cycling as a career could follow Raman's path to success.


Here's what Raman says about the path he choosen:

I have “been in cycling” since 2010. Just days after returning home from college, I bought a hybrid bike with the idea of getting fit and looking fashionable (being seen with the said cycle). I had a few months before the first job started. I signed up with the local club (www.meetup.com/hyderabadbicyclingclub) and joined them on their rides. My induction to cycling was short commutes, long rides on the weekend, morning fitness rides and rides to socialize and make new friends.

2011 saw me participating in ultra-endurance cycling events on a new, upgraded bike. These were non-competitive yet challenging on many levels. Towards the end of the year is when I got a taste of competitive racing.

In 2012 training started to take some semblance of form and was less haphazard. Clarity was formed on what kind of events I wanted to enter and what I should aim for. Racing is radically different from anything I have done in my life so far, including ultra-endurance cycling. My miles since 2011 have been logged here.

To be honest, I’m curious myself as to how 2013 will unfold for me. This is the start of my 2nd year in racing/training. A lot of things are different. There is better equipment, a set of superb training partners, lessons from the past and the possibility of having sponsors invest in what I am doing.

Somewhere on the way running caught my fancy and the local club has helped me discover the fun in it. My family has been supporting me through everything. None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you for keeping me in the house and putting up with the madness.


Cycling Boutique will be assisting any many ways including supply of world class cycling gears etc to fulfill his dreams.