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CyclingBoutiqe Hall of Fame

CyclingBoutique - Hall of Fame

Cycling Boutique Inc. is a company built by passionate cyclists and endurance sports affectionate. We strive to exist to promote Cycling, Running and all other endurance sports. We respect people who get self-motivated and drive the rest of the crowd for a better healthy lifestyle.


We salutes and awards the people cyclists who has taken extra ordinary efforts to inspire and promote cycling in India.


Hall of Fame Award Winners - November 2012

(1) Mr. GoGreen Rao, Bangalore.

GoGreen Rao

If we have to decide on a personality who has taken considerable amount of effort in making the public aware of the benefits of Cycling and the need for Green environment, there is none other than Prabhakar Rao C.M, affectionately and popularly known as "GoGreen" Rao. He has built the "GoGreen" community, organizing and leading the popular "GoGreen" rides to make the common man aware of the need of taking up cycling as the best solution to address the need for green commute and green environment.


Mr. Rao also has the credit of publicising cycling through print and publish media and being the driving force of green rides. We thoroughly recognise Mr. Rao's contributions towards cycling and GoGreen activities. Hats off to you Mr. GoGreen Rao!.


(2) Sriharsha Srinivas & Ramya, Bangalore.

Harsha & Ramya

This extra ordinary couple has done something really extra ordinary in India. They have not only made others to get inspired to cycle, but founded and lead - India's best and well known Cycling/Trekking group - Cycling & More (CAM), Treks and More (TAM) and the budding racing group CAM Racing!


They have made a really large number of people from all over the world to Cycle in the most beautiful and thrilling mountains and reserved forests of India. Most of them were just beginners in Cycling. Majority of them got really attached to cycling and taken up Cycling seriously.


CyclingBoutique thank and recognises Sriharsha & Ramya for their great contribution to Cycling and ActiveLifestye in India!.


(3) Dr. Raghavendra Rao, Bangalore.

Dr. Rao


The truly inspiring doctor who pushes all the limits to be the fittest one at his age. Dr. Rao is always an inspiration for anyone who meets him and more over he really surprises the way he pushes the remaining youngsters far behind, on gruelling cycling rides. Dr. Rao finishes the rides always first - much earlier than anyone else!.


Dr. is one of the perfect examples to follow for anyone who want to keep fit and lead an active lifestyle. Hats off to you Doc!.