Shimano Disc Brake Pads | Dura Ace R9150 L03A Resin Pad W/Fin & Spring Ice-Tech (Y8PU98040) - Cycling Boutique
Shimano Disc Brake Pads | Dura Ace R9150 L03A Resin Pad W/Fin & Spring Ice-Tech (Y8PU98040) - Cycling Boutique
Shimano Disc Brake Pads | Dura Ace R9150 L03A Resin Pad W/Fin & Spring Ice-Tech (Y8PU98040) - Cycling Boutique
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    Shimano Disc Brake Pads | Dura Ace R9150 L03A Resin Pad W/Fin & Spring Ice-Tech (Y8PU98040)

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    Shimano is a world leader and trustable by cyclists around the world and this pad from them too is well known for its abilities to control the bike when it's required. Quite popular among cyclists in India when it comes to disc brake pads, you can rely on this at any day. The durability of the Shimano L03A brake pads has been significantly increased compared to the previous L02A model thanks to a new resin compound. In addition, the brake pads continue to impress with their braking force, low noise emission and excellent modulation. The L03A Ice-Tech brake pad is compatible with BR-R9170, BR-R8070 and other Shimano flat-mount brakes.


    Brake Pad Compound: organic
    Backing Plate Material: aluminium
    Cooling Fins: yes


    universal / synthetic resin
    Type: L (narrow)
    Manufacturer Part Number: Y-8PU98040
    Compatibility: Dura Ace BR-R9170 / Ultegra BR-R8070 / Tiagra BR-4770 / Metrea BR-U5000 / GRX BR-RX810, BR-RX400 / groupless Road: BR-RS805, BR-RS505, BR-RS405, BR-RS305 / XT BR-M8110-R / SLX BR-M7110-R


    - new pad made of synthetic resin
    - smooth and quiet braking (quieter than metal pads)
    - easy to estimate braking force (modulation)
    - 40 % better wear resistance than previous models
    - designed for dry and wet
    - cooling fin: cooling technology increases the service life of the brake pads and reduces the risk of fading


    Fading of the brake during prolonged uninterrupted operation, e.g. downhill, impairs braking performance. To counteract this, Shimano has introduced the brake rotor and brake pad with Ice-Tech technology. This cooling technology ensures consistent braking performance. The brake pads have cooling fins. The sandwich construction of the rotor in combination with the cooling fins results in the long service life of the pads, less braking noise, less fading and lower weight.


    - 1 pair of Shimano L03A brake pads
    - 1 x spring


    Y8PU98040 NEW


    • Pad Shape: Narrow
    • BR TYPE: 2-Piston
    • 40% more durable than L02A
      BR-M8110, BR-M7110, BR-R9170-F, BR-R9170-R, BR-R8070-F, BR-R8070-R, BR-R7070-F, BR-R7070-R, BR-4770-F, BR-4770-R, BR-RS805-F, BR-RS805-R, BR-RS505-F, BR-RS505-R, BR-RS405-F, BR-RS405-R, BR-RS305-F, BR-RS305-R, BR-U5000-F, BR-U5000-R, BR-RX810-F, BR-RX810-R, BR-RX400-F, BR-RX400-R
        DEORE XT M8100 Series, SLX M7100 Series, DURA-ACE R9150 Series, ULTEGRA R8050 Series, SHIMANO 105 R7000 Series, TIAGRA 4700 Series, METREA U5000 Series, GRX 11-speed, GRX 10-speed, CYCLOCROSS / ON-ROAD DISC BRAKE, SHIMANO

    SKU# Y8PU98040

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