The finest Triathlon and TT Suits in the world!. triathlon suit is worn like a pair of cycling shorts, i.e. without underwear. It is worn for the swim, for which the material is made. ... The tri suit is a high-tech outfit engineered to make the triathlete comfortable during the three disciplines.




Castelli Tri Race Wear | Free Sanremo 2 W Suit Short Sleeve

Rs. 12,999.00

Santini Women Ferox Trisuit (Sleeveless)

Rs. 12,175.00

Santini Women Ferox Trisuit (Short Sleeves)

Rs. 13,995.00

Santini Imago Tri Top (Sleeveless)

Rs. 4,850.00

Santini Imago Tri Shorts

Rs. 8,175.00

Santini Imago Trisuit (Sleeveless)

Rs. 12,175.00

Santini Ferox Trisuit (Sleeveless)

Rs. 15,625.00

Santini Sleek 775 Tri Top (Sleeveless)

Rs. 4,995.00

Santini Sleek 775 Tri Suit

Rs. 7,650.00
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