The finest Triathlon and TT Suits in the world!. triathlon suit is worn like a pair of cycling shorts, i.e. without underwear. It is worn for the swim, for which the material is made. ... The tri suit is a high-tech outfit engineered to make the triathlete comfortable during the three disciplines.




Santini Women's Tri-Suits | Viper Maui Trisuit (Short Sleeve)

Rs. 12,995.00

Santini Men's Tri-Suit | Cupio Ironman Trisuit (Short Sleeve)

Rs. 14,550.00

Santini Men's Tri-Suit | Viper Pietra Aero Trisuit (Short Sleeve)

Rs. 14,795.00

Santini Men's Tri-Suit | Redux Freccia Tri-Suit (Short Sleeve)

Rs. 16,925.00

Santini Men's Sleeveless | UCI GC Sallanches-64 Baselayer

Rs. 2,895.00Rs. 2,999.00

Santini Men's Nebula Gravel Wind Jacket

Rs. 10,575.00

Santini Men's Viper Bengal Skinsuit

Rs. 15,625.00

Castelli Tri Race Wear | Free Sanremo 2 W Suit Short Sleeve

Rs. 12,999.00

Santini Women's Ferox Trisuit (Sleeveless)

Rs. 12,175.00
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