Look MTB Clipless Pedal | X-Track, Gravel Edition - Cycling Boutique
Look MTB Clipless Pedal | X-Track, Gravel Edition - Cycling Boutique
Look Pedal | X-Track Gravel Edition - Cycling Boutique
Look Pedal | X-Track Gravel Edition - Cycling Boutique

    Look MTB Clipless Pedal | X-Track, Gravel Edition

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    The X-TRACK is LOOK's entry-level off-road pedal, which does not mean the technology is left aside. The aluminum body and Chromoly+, double-sealed axle are robust and ensure total fluidity thru the pedal stroke. Tension can be quickly and easily adjusted from 6 thru 14.


    Why X-Track ?

    A clipless MTB pedal must respond to many different situations. External conditions may vary considerably and interfere with pedal operation. It is not enough to make an excellent product in one specific area. Instead, it must be designed to be as versatile as possible to provide its user with a real advantage regardless of any external obstacles encountered. Following this logic, LOOK has chosen to concentrate on the interaction of three significant factors, contact surface, weight, and entry/release, to develop the perfect pedal.


    The Best Power to Weight Ratio
    All the energy you produce is transferred to your MTB through your pedals, and their role is crucial. In this new undertaking, LOOK aimed to find solutions enabling the most efficient transfer of rider power possible. That is why LOOK has placed the weight/contact surface ratio as the primary factor when defining the product.

    Generally speaking, the greater the contact surface, the more efficiently energy is transferred. On the other hand, the greater the contact surface, the more the pedal will weigh. Our engineers' challenge was identifying the functional zones for energy transmission and optimizing the pedal design to limit unused. This task allowed LOOK to engineer a pedal with the market's best weight/contact surface ratio.


    Why You'll Love It?

    Step Into Look's MTB World

    • Combine an SPD-standard mechanism with a wide contact area for efficiency and security
    • Choose between racy red or sober black.
    • Effortlessly adjust pedal tension to your requirements.


    Optimal Contact Surface
    515 mm2 + 12 % vs. S-TRACK
    Lateral contact support guides your foot in finding your pedal and provides a point of contact even if you have not yet engaged the cleat. This wide contact area prevents your foot from sliding on the pedal body and offers consistent and reassuring support.

    Mechanism Geometry
    The mechanism works regardless of external conditions (in the mud, forces are significantly different from those encountered when dry), and more space allows for the shedding of various foreign matter (mud, sand...). In all conditions, these zones give the user a constant and stable feeling of being securely clipped in.

    Adjustable Tension
    An adjustable tension screw allows you to fine-tune the entry/release resistance to your skill level.


    "My Impression of The New X-Track Race Carbon Is Outstanding. The Pedals Are Easy to Engage and Provide Excellent Power Transfer." -Sam Gaze I Specialized Racing Champion Du Monde XCO U23

    Technical Specifications
    • Spindle material: Chromoly +
    • Technology: X-TRACK
    • Body material: Aluminim
    • Platform area: 350 mm²
    • Platform width: 57 mm
    • Total stack height (pedal + cleat): 16,8 mm (10,7 + 6,1 mm)
    • Q Factor: 53 mm
    • Retention: 6 to 14
    • Cleats: Standard cleat included (easy cleat available separately)
    • Cleats standard: SPD compatible
    • Float angle: 6°
    • Release angle: 13°
    • Pedal: 200 g
    • Weight pair + cleats: 450 g

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