10 Best Cycling Routes and Places In Bengaluru / Bangalore

by Biju K on February 14, 2023

Bengaluru (Old name: Bangalore) is heaven for cycling, with pleasant weather throughout the year and a cosmopolitan crowd around, with the localities always considerate of guests.

There are a few styles/types of cycling rides you can do in Bengaluru:

1) Casual tourist mode ride around the city to feel the vibes and see the best of Bengaluru as a tourist:
Hire or borrow a bike and ride around, as Bengaluru is a safe place to ride! - Ride confidently, enjoy the vibes, have excellent local cuisine, and visit places of interest. Be aware that you need to be a little careful with the bike storage, and we do not recommend leaving the bike unattended in public and being an altogether roaming tourist! - Be around your bike and visit places you can be around your bike.

2) Explorer mode, into the neighborhood places of interest in sub 50km distances:
Same as option 1, but you will get chances to see great villages and good places of interest. Popular cycling destinations around are: Bannerghatta National Park, Thattekere Lake, Chikka Thirupathi - off Sarjapura, Hoskote on east Bengaluru, Nandi hills Road or Airport Road, Kanakura Road, etc. Winter is a great time to experience nice foggy rides.

3) Sport or touring mode (100km and more):

Ride on your plan or join clubs like Bangalore Roadsters for free group rides. Bengaluru has numerous long routes radiating with never-boring courses!

And now about the best cycling destinations:

1) Nandi Hills (North Bengaluru, on new Airport Road, ~60km from city center). The majestic, incredibly mighty, and divinely Nandi hills are serene and iconic cycling destinations. You get the thrill of speed, endurance, and a decisive climb in one ride!

2) Kolar and neighborhoods (East Bengaluru - on Old Madras Road): Safest and hundreds of kilometers of speed await you on this route. Superb workout route, and you can go all the way into hundreds of kilometers on this path.

3) Hessarghatta (North West of Bengaluru, ~15km from the City center): Amazing pocket of greenery in Bangalore where you can still feel Bangalore's extraordinary green heritage and its greener form, even today.

4) Turahalli Forest (West of Bengaluru): The original offroad mini jungle of forest-inspired people like us at Cycling Boutique to enjoy the fullest and be cyclists for life! - Now, with a ban on cycling and other activities, the surrounding areas of this mini forest have excellent roads to ride around.

5) Manchanabele Dam Route (West of Bangalore): A great weekend destination frequented by cyclists - Green route and nice view at the goal.

6) Thattekere: A lovely mini waterfall on the south west corridor of Bengaluru on Bannerughatta Road. Great weekend cycling ride destination.

7) Chikkathirupathi: (South East Bengaluru, ~30km from City Center): A fantasticouthwestl ride from the city through Whitefield, Sarjapura Road, this famous weekend route is great g with its villages en route and farms.

Are there any groups I can join to explore these routes? - Yes, check out the free and famous cycling group of Bengaluru: Bangalore Roadsters



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