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BikeFit Scene @ Cycling Boutique Experience Center

Tweak, tweak and more tweak... From our daily routine at Cycling Boutique Experience Center, we make fellow cyclists from all over rediscover the thrill of going beyond the usual.

Drop by to Cycling Boutique Experience Center with an appointment and see how we can help you enjoy cycling better, as thousands have already Experienced the sheer joy of performance cycling from us!

BikeFit Scene @ Cycling Boutique Experience Center

It takes only a few seconds for our trained and experienced eyes to interpret leg discrepancies, which can help others from riding years without efficiency or frustrating and even more troublesome injuries from wrong bikes and wrong BikeFits (which cannot be received as part of bike purchases from places who sell products with just tightening few nuts and a bolts.

BikeFit Scene @ Cycling Boutique Experience Center

Giving a bike to a new client usually takes anywhere from 6hours to multiple days for precision mechanical assembly from scratch and equally good time for bike sizing and BikeFit from us - far impossible to do in a business establishment.

We do so it religiously as it's paramount for us to be 💯 sincere and head straight up through life and our clients value us very much for this very reason!🙂

BikeFit Scene @ Cycling Boutique Experience Center

Types of BikeFit Services Available:

Professional BikeFit Programs:

  • Professional Road BikeFit - Takes ~1h - 3.0hrs: Rs 8900 + GST @18% - You can book this service using this page.
  • Professional BikeFit - The Tri-Fit (Triathlon/TT Oriented) - Takes ~1h - 3.0hrs: Rs 9900 + GST 18% - You may book this using this link.
  • Professional BikeFit - (MTB/Hybrid Fit) - Takes ~30min: Rs 2200 (Excluding GST @18%)  - You may book this using this link.


Understanding and adapting to bike geometry is science and art came from decades of riding an extensive range of bikes and having in-depth knowledge on human physiology, Kinematics (body in motion) and a proven track record of fitting thousands of cyclists from all walks of life.

This Roadbike specific fit helped a major number of amateurs to taste the thrill of road biking to the finest levels - be it for endurance rides, Brevets, expeditions or just weekend group rides. We put our engineering and medical science skills to perfection on this important session, while walking you through the process with crucial guidance.

One of the most common problems people often face due to lack of awareness (even by people who are cycling for a long time) is that they would have often served with an ill-fitted or wrong sized bike in major cases as shops that sell bicycles are not fully knowledgeable enough to take time and spend hours of time in bike sizing and bike fitting - simply due to lack of awareness/interest/skills/feasibility in a highly commercialized market place. Due to these, cyclists often ends up in lack of interest, performance or injuries as they are not able to adapt to the bike they purchased, with great interest and paying very premium costs. No matter whether a bike costs millions of money or is made by a Tour De France winning brand, unless the bike is fitting and fitted for a person with the most knowledgeable way, enjoying the sports becomes purely a luck game.

Bicycle sizing is weird and highly varies from brand to brand, there are no consistencies or standards across brands and models as each can vary with extremely identical looks, but has extremely different internal geometry and feel. A bike "feels" completely different for a person than someone else feels it as everyone has a different threshold for taking the stress and outputting power and more importantly interest and handling various stress and handling skills of surroundings.

It takes decades of practice, understanding the engineering, design, anatomy of the human body, athletics knowledge and more importantly doing thousands of well-proven, result-oriented BikeFit practices in own life and also with other clients to get confidence and create meaningful results on BikeFits. It's no longer doing few angle settings or inspecting the usual "Knee Over The Spindle" principle that makes the definition of a BikeFit. The Fit is as good as the Fitter's knowledge, personal interest to solve problems and apply great theories learned in life.

We at Cycling Boutique is experienced in cycling as our major part of life revolves around cycling and we are here for cycling, dedicating our lives to cycling, at the same time learning and sharpening our knowledge base, far far beyond what typical business houses have to do or attempt doing!

Program Description
In our daily routine at Cycling Boutique Experience Center, we make fellow cyclists from all over rediscover the thrill of going beyond the usual from international athletes to housewives who complete Ironman championships like a piece of cake!.

Drop by to Cycling Boutique Experience Center with an appointment and see how we can help you enjoy cycling better, as thousands have already Experienced the sheer joy of performance cycling from us!

The BikeFiffer and his Credentials in Cycling World

  • A BikeFit is ONLY good as THE Fitter! - You will be privileged to receive a precision fitting under hands-on session with one of the most skilled and experienced BikeFitter in India - Biju Kunnappada, Founder @ Cycling Boutique, who is a top qualified BikeFitter not only in India but rest of the world too with thousands of fully successful BikeFit histories in his portfolio from International level athletes, ultra-endurance racers, major Brevet veterans, Iron Man athletes, Globe-Trotting Bike Tourers and cycling enthusiasts from all over India and neighbouring countries. He's well versed and trained on state of the art BikeFitting systems like Retul / Guru / Purely Custom / gebioMized / BikeFit USA and Specialized Body Geometry Fit to name a few. Armed with close to two decades in Computer Systems and Aero Space Research & Development on engineering systems in top engineering majors like The Boeing Company, Biju is a top skilled engineer with the finest cycling knowledge base in the country.
  • Biju is not only the earliest internationally certified Professional Bike Mechanic trained under UCI Level Pro Race Mechanics, but his education background is also enriched with a double bachelors degree in Computer Systems and Lifesciences making him the top preferred choice for cycling lifestyle guidance with a clear understanding of human anatomy, physiology and kinematics of cycling sport. Biju has decades of riding experience in all streams of cycling, including mountain biking, road racing, touring and gravel riding. Biju is a mentor for cyclists from all over India and has comprehensive experience in mentoring, crewing and leading ultimate international epics like the Race Across America (RAAM) and is a constant reference guide for people from all over India who are in need of cycling advice and assistance. Cycling Boutique is a vision and mission of Biju applying his life's ideology of leading by example and enhancing the lives of others through cycling as part of his own lifestyle and being a constant motivation and mentor for others.
  • The BikeFit process is carried out with utmost care and precision, such a way that the Fits are the finest in the 1st efforts itself and the need for refits only happen on rarest of events like a new bike change. Biju's BikeFit history is greatly successful in assisting hundreds of ailing cyclists with sports and lifestyle-related injuries, body physiology anomalies, post-surgery recoveries, senior citizens' cycling lifestyle with the greatest level of care for the general public. Biju's long-term following clients include all cadre's of vast segments of society, including school kids, CEO/CXO's, Cheif Ministers, Members of Parliament and Legislatures, housewives turned Iron Man Champions, retired senior citizens riding thousands of miles every month, and a strong bunch of ultra-endurance crowd of Randonneurs, IronMan champions, Young National Level Athletes who represent the country and international races, making him one of the topmost respected and sort out cycling resource in the country. His experience of dealing with thousands of finest brands and bike makes and more importantly in riding and hands-on in-depth mechanical services of them in his personal life makes his experience highly valuable while people get greatly benefitted with his completely neutral and frank advice and guidance in cycling with most reliability.

What is included

  • This session includes a comprehensive BikeFit for careful setup without Aerobars (If you are looking for Triathlons, please let us know as we have another fit program for the same).
  • State of the art 2-dimensional real-time dynamic motion capture and analysis for precision and comprehensive ergonomic fit evolved and formulated from the finest fitting systems.
  • Identifying and correcting physical/anatomical anomalies of the body to avoid injuries and enhance cycling performance.
  • Professional Fit Report for your future references.
  • Professional Clipless Shoe installation with precision & ergonomic shoes/cleat setup (if needed).
  • Q&A and ask anything technical interactions for riding comfort, performance and endurance.
  • A quick free professional mechanical inspection of bike for finding imperfections or upgrade recommendations
  • Add-On's on request: Power profile analysis.

What is not included
Cost of any hardware components you might have to get changed for making your ride more ergonomic/comfortable.

Fee breakup
Rs 8900 + GST 18%

*Pricing Guidance: Our BikeFit tariff takes extremely laborious and precision analysis which requires a high level of knowledge, application, multi-person labour efforts, highly expensive precision tools, licensing, and continuous upgradations of international credentials and upgrades. In spite, our pricing is comparatively very economic as an equivalent and lesser attention to detail, quick entry-level session BikeFit in the rest of the world can easily cost upwards of USD 400 (Rs 30,000 or higher) for an even low profile 1-hour session with each follow-up session with attached costs. Our session can go 1-3 hours or more, depending on the care needed and our prices are the most economic, but with definite results. No wonder we get even international visitors to our BikeFit sessions due to the cost-effectiveness.

Program Location
Cycling Boutique, Inc., Program location @ Cycling Boutique Experience Center, 80Ft Road, Indiranagar, Bengaluru, India 560038.

*Note: We also undertake on location, BikeFit for individuals such as  V V I P's with privacy / public space restrictions, or other special requirements. Reach us for more info on this, if you need assistance and costing on this. Also available is our group booking plan where you wish to get a group of cyclists to get their BikeFits done in any part of India! - We can arrange the sessions for you, either via Virtual sessions or in Person.

How to prepare/arrive for BikeFit

  • Please bring in a neat and clean bike so as to mount it on the trainer easily. The dirty bike will attract additional charge/time to prepare for BikeFit.
  • Arrive with your regular riding shoes, cycling shorts for accurately taking sizing info.
  • BikeFit can take arbitrarily long hours along with handling other customers walking in around. Please be prepared and plan your day to spend as much time as possible to be around, during the BikeFit session. We offer high-speed Free WiFi and make our clients casually comes in for BikeFit while they are doing their official calls or working on their laptops! 🙂
  • You may carry quick bite snacks from home or enjoy our free complimentary coffee here.
  • Route Map for Cycling Boutique | Experience Center™
  • Follow Google Maps here:
  • Address: #68/3, 1st Floor, "Brindavan", 4th B Cross, Michael Palya, Opp. George Thangaiah Complex, 80Ft Road, Indiranagar Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560038
  • Operating hours on Appointments: 09:00 am to 07:00 pm IST. (Holiday: All Wednesdays and Major Public Holidays)

Book a Professional Road BikeFit Appointment Easily Online here:

Contact Us:

  • +918277276424

Terms & Conditions:
* Please note that the BikeFit bookings cannot be cancelled or refunded once we confirm the session. Under no circumstances, the fee paid will not be refunded or adjusted towards any other forms of purchases or transactions from Cycling Boutique.
* On unforeseen instances, Cycling Boutique has all the rights to reschedule the session to a convenient time.
* The BikeFit charges are on an approximation. If the BikeFit takes more effort and time than originally planned, additional charges might incur towards the BikeFit session.
* The BikeFit charges are applicable for one session of BikeFit on a single day. If any follow-up sessions are requested, additional charges will have to be paid, as per later communications.
* During the BikeFit, to make you fit on the stock bike, we might be recommending any bike component changes, which might require additional purchase/costing. We strongly suggest getting the required changes done on the same BikeFit session as it will save considerable time and effort to implement the changes and do the necessary corrections. Any changes which are postponed by you to a future time/date will attract a flat BikeFit session recalling/re-setup fee of Rs 500 as it causes inconveniences to the schedules.
* The BikeFit process is aligned to accommodate one bicycle. If the Fit has to be transferred or applied on another bike, a default charge of Per Roadbike at Rs 1230 + GST 18% or Per Triathlon/TT Bikes at Rs 2050 + GST 18%. will be applied, irrespective of the original Bikefit bike type selected / paid for. Kindly note that TT and other bikes like road bikes/Hybrid etc. have major differences, which commands more time and effort.

* Number of bikes to be analysed, suggested if required to be Bikefitted in the right way possible, is limited to one bike. Any minor adjustment or tweaking required in sizing adjustment will be free of cost within 2 weeks from the date of BikeFit.

* After 2 weeks, any future mechanical additions, fitting, installations, etc., will be at the actual labor charges.

* Post BikeFit if any new bike purchase decisions etc. arrive ahead (say, e.g., identification of wrong bike size, etc.), if the bike purchase is going to be from any third-party supplier/store, any follow-up work on new bike size identification, mechanical fitting, Bike fitting, etc., will be charged as per the standard charges for these services.

* Any major works involving laborious tasks like removal/reinstallation of internal cable routing, hydraulic disc brake shortening/bleeding, etc., will be charged as per actuals.

* Mechanical tuneup of the bikes will not be in the shop of a BikeFit session. Our free mechanical assessment of bikes is usually provided at a free cost if the time permits and there is the bandwidth to do so. Our precision mechanical tuneup services are often opted for by many customers who understand the significance of precision assembly/tune-ups. If you plan to check the mechanical aspects of the bike, kindly prepare well in advance as these additional works may take time to get done, as per the time slot availability of our workshop.

* Shoes fitting, if it needs to be done, we will assist in getting it installed free of cost at the time of BikeFit day. Any installation, if it has to be done later, will be at par with the shoe fitting charges at the store.

More importantly:

* BikeFit is not a magic pill. It's a process to follow standard theoretical experience to a person riding a bicycle to maximally assist him/her to ride better and effectively. Each individual has their own capabilities, anomalies and interest in cycling which determines how they enjoy the sport well. We assist to do the BikeFit process to apply the theory of riding better, with better body posture and riding techniques. Each individual may take their own time and pace to get any results of a BikeFit process, purely depending on the person's abilities (means a BikeFitter have only a role as a mentor to transfer the knowledge to the person undergoing a BikeFit process).
* If the person undergoing a BikeFit is already have existing physiology related troubles or injuries etc. we always suggest to do a gradual progression with the new BikeFit positions and recover slow and steady form with great patience and injury healing routines.
* If the person is continue using wrong Bike Sizes etc, even post BikeFit session, the effectiveness of BikeFit progression could be slower or non-effective. Always take our suggestions and advices in these cases, on safer progressions ahead.


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