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Get a taste of the world class bikes we serve. You can get a fruitful demo ride to get a hang of the bike and understand how the bike feels.

How does it work?

Choose your desired bike model and size which you would like to demo. If you are unsure about the size, kindly consult the with us.

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Email confirmation will be sent out before the timeslot. Do bring along your cycling gear (Helmet is mandatory). The demo bikes are equipped with flat pedals. If you are an expert clipless pedal user, you may bring in your clipless pedal/shoes for the ride (we can assist for fixing your clipless pedal on the demo bike)

Remember to do your pre-ride checks, we will be moving out as an individual rider as this is not a group ride. Do follow the traffic rules and road usage formalities and ride safe and responsibly.

Book Your Ride Now!