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Disc Brake Pads

Ciclovation Disc Brake Pad | B-Type, Organic - for Shimano B01S - Deore / XTR / SRAM Level, Avid Elixir, Tektro, Promax and more...

Rs. 890.00

Shimano Disc Brake Pad | B01S Resin Pad with Spring

Rs. 590.00

Alligator Disc Brake Pad Organic HK-VX035-DIY+

Rs. 490.00

Tektro Disc Brake Pad | IOX.11

Rs. 498.00

Shimano Disc Brake Pad | Deore XT / SLX / Alpine - J04C, Y8LW98030

Rs. 1,940.00

Alligator Disc Brake Pad Organic DIY+ (HK-VX008)

Rs. 490.00

Shimano Disc Brake Pad | K03S, Resin Pad w/ Spring, Y8Y898010

Rs. 810.00

Shimano Disc Brake Pad | Dura Ace R9150 L03A Resin Pad w/ Fin & Spring Ice-Tech, Y8PU98040

Rs. 1,671.00

Avid Disc Brake Pad | for All Juicy / BB7 Models, Sintered

Rs. 1,490.00