As one of the prominent leading edges of a bicycle, integrated handlebar/stem units provide aerodynamic gains by eliminating cylinder shapes, which yield ten times the drag of aero shapes of the same size. They're considerably lighter and a bit more aerodynamic.

Handlebars Integrated

Chapter 2 Integrated Road Handlebar | MANA GRVL Carbon

Rs. 42,500.00

Controltech Road Handlebar | Sirocco Integrated Carbon

Rs. 34,999.00

Ridley Bikes Handlebar | 4ZA Cirrus Pro Integrated 380/85/CIP002A

Rs. 54,000.00

Chapter 2 Integrated Carbon Handlebar | MANA2

Rs. 43,900.00

Chapter 2 Integrated Carbon Handlebar | MANA

Rs. 43,900.00