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Cycling Boutique Reviews

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My 1st Giro shoes and it's stunningly superb

Guys, thanks for the prompt delivery and the support. I've got the shoes on time and enjoying the rides in my hometown.
Crazy red shoes, making me feel that it's taking me on faster lanes.
I'm set for fun.

Incredibly smooth

The CEMA ceramic bearing I've got from you is incredibly smooth, as itself, there is no bearings inside!
Enjoying the confidence at fraction of price from brands like CeramicSpeed.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Alex Rim

Thank you, for fulfilling the order in time!

Hello Jayesh, we are very glad to assist you. We would like to greatly appreciate the kind support offered to us as we all were going through the huddles of lockdowns.

We wish you miles and miles of super happy cycling!
~Team @ Cycling Boutique

this is one among the best bib shorts ive used

Hello Ramkuar, thank you very much for letting us know your review on the GIST bib shorts.

We wish you miles and miles of super happy cycling!
~Team @ Cycling Boutique

Awesomeness post 300km+ rides

Worth every penny I spend on this cool saddle. Giving my confidence and comfort.

Thank you for the fit.

Super reliable

I've upgraded to this Alivio a little earlier from Cycling Boutique for my earlier Acera RD. Enjoying this good piece of engineering. I am shredding the mud in the monsoons and this guy is handling all bad roads of Bengaluru very well, even on torrential rains.

Quite robust spring is holding the cage very well on super bad roads around my areas.

Great GPS unit

Worth every penny. Garmin is reliable and I am satisfied with my new Edge 530.
It was an upgrade from my old Edge 500 and it's way too improved and costing much less than the predecessor.

It's making me glued to the screen as it's very exciting to see the live data it throws on the beautiful screen.

Thanks for the detailed guide on setup and usage.

Absolute powerhouse

Way too powerful and lightweight than the light is expected to be on sight. Incredibly strong like a modern car headlight.
I'm sure it will turn the heads when you are throwing this much powerful light on the road.

Be safe and this can protect you. Recommending to anyone. Great for roadies too as it's so light and easy to mount.

Excellent light for the and high VFM

I'm loving this light. Just one star less as I wish this light is rechargeable (though I know it's made for battery use only) :)

Good light if you are looking for great value for money.

Stunning wheelset. Thnx 👌🏻😍

Enjoying this cool wheelset thoroughly. Way above my expectations as I can feel the wheel performing better than the stock wheelset that came with my Scott Roadie.
Still, rolls as itself there are no bearings in it :))

Lovely! - Loyal to you guys for bringing joy to my cycling life. 🤩

Taking my cycling to next level

Thanks for this wonderful trainer. My hooked!
My FTP is 200+ and happy to see it scaling.


Superb Rack

Great rack for storing my MTB. Excellent delivery from Cycling Boutique.


What a brilliant piece of engineering. Just flies

I am awestruck by the super exciting changes the CAAD12 is making in my lifestyle. My whole concept of riding changed after you guys recommended the CAAD12 to me. Not only my usual 20km rides became 100km easy rides, but I am also going back to my school days performance and curiosity to push myself to go faster and longer.

Incredible changes were brought into my life by you guys at Cycling Boutique. Always grateful.

Thank you guys.


Loving this super computer! :)

Thanks for the quick delivery. My new Edge 530 is the centre of action and excitement for all my rides nowadays. Brilliant construction and accurate.
Definitely, my rides are getting way better as I can find what I am doing. Peaceful family a home watching where I am with Strava integrations :)

Recommending this or Wahoo units to anyone who's looking for a cyclocomputer. Both are worth investing and your cycling will improve more.

A classic!

The Classic design is eye-catchy and vintage. The price is the only reason it got a 4-star review. But for me, the looks are totally worth it.

Best bang for the buck!!!

I bought this cycle 6 years ago for my first son and he used it for North of 3 years and now my second son has started using it! It has no problems whatsoever and I had only given it for 1 service and filled air in the tyre. A totally worth investment.

Got rid of all my confusion.

The way they organized the bottles on their web page caught my attention and as I was in need of a bottle to store cool water for my rides I bought 1 and I can say that I am not disappointed. The bottle looks great and + is 100% BPA-free. Kudos to the team @ cycling boutique for classifying and organizing these so that I could easily choose without wasting time.

PS:- the bottles actually keep the water cool for the length of my rides.

Loving this backpack

Thanks for the Hydrapak bag suggestion. Enjoying my rides around Mysuru in humid conditions. Serving me well to hydrate.
Appreciate the quick shipping.

Thanks for the rockstar RD

Quite surprised by the swift and crisp shifting from this rockstar RD. Much cooler than the two versions down the RD I hard earlier. Loves the price point also.
Thank you Cycling Boutique for super fast delivery on the Covid times. Loves the dedication.


Thank you for this Lazer helmet. Great and comfortable

Thanks. Your recommendations are well nice. I am enjoying cycling these days with this helmet. Very cool and don't feel that it's on the head even after a long duration ride.

You guys saved my bike!

I was desperately running around to get the replacement hoods for my SRAM shifters, Couldn't find them anywhere in India and was in tough mode thinking of replacing the entire groupset with another make as I was deadlock stuck. You guys at Cycling Boutique rescued me with super-fast support.

So nice of you.

Awesome rack. Serving me well over last years

Rugged and super easy. I am using it on both MTB and Roadbike. I love the fast usability of the rack and the folding abilities.
Strongly recommends to anyone who need a floor stand.
Feedback Sports is well known American brand.

Cool bike. My kid is loving this Polygon bicycle.

Nice decision to buy a premium bike from you guys at Cycling Boutique.
My kid's vacation during the pandemic was really enjoyable as he was able to ride around with confidence. The fit is perfect as I could observe him riding comfortably.
Surely recommend Cycling Boutique to anyone as I felt at the friendliest place to deal with, throughout.

Thank you a ton for arranging the bike and caring assembly and transport!.
Jeevan R

Perfect fit.

Nice and lovely. Super well made.

These are nice and I replaced for my Specialized Roadie

Trusted Japanese bearings. My old ones got rusted and replaced with this. Smooth and must be log lasting.

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