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A backup battery provides power to a system when the primary source of power is unavailable. Small backup batteries may be primary cells; rechargeable backup batteries are kept charged by the prime power supply.


Cateye Lithium Battery | CR2032

Rs. 399.00

CatEye Batteries | Coin Cell Battery (CR-1620)

Rs. 190.00

Shimano Batteries | Electric Wire, EW-SD50, for External Routing, Black

Rs. 2,070.00

Shimano Batteries | E-Others Small Parts SM-JC41 Internal Junction B

Rs. 2,670.00

Shimano Batteries | E-Others Small Parts SM-BCR2 Battery Charger for SM-BTR2 / BT-DN110

Rs. 8,520.00

SRAM Batteries | E-Tap World Adapter For Charger

Rs. 2,590.00

SRAM Batteries | Etap Battery Protector for Egale AXS RD

Rs. 1,390.00

SRAM Batteries | Etap Battery Charger With Cord

Rs. 7,490.00

Topeak Battery | Cubicubi 850 Battery | TCB-CB3000

Rs. 3,000.00