From Road Bike Pedals to Platform Pedals to make your rides memorable...


Shimano Flat Platform Pedals | PD-EF202, Alloy

Rs. 2,990.00

Shimano MTB Dual Sided Clipless/Flat Pedals | PD-EH500, SPD

Rs. 5,630.00

Shimano Road Clipless Pedals | Tiagra PD-R550, SPD-SL

Rs. 6,480.00

MKS Japan Flat Platform Pedals | RMX

Rs. 2,195.00

Shimano Road Clipless Pedals | 105 Carbon PD-R7000 Superlight, SPD-SL

Rs. 10,400.00

Look Road Clipless Pedals | KEO Classic 3

Rs. 4,599.00

Shimano MTB Dual Sided Clipless/Flat Pedals | PD-M520 Deore M6000 Series, SPD

Rs. 3,400.00

Wellgo Flat Platform Pedals | B267, Flat, Plastic, Black, Ball Bearing

Rs. 540.00

Shimano Road Clipless Pedals | PD-RS500, SPD-SL

Rs. 4,270.00