The pulleys that will actually fit on your derailleur are determined by the generation of your groupset. This is a number stamped on every part and goes by a four-digit number. For instance, any number between 9100 and 9199 indicates the latest generation Dura-Ace

Derailleur Pulleys

Shimano Jockey & Guide Wheels | Tiagra RD-4700, 10-Speed Pulley Set, Y5RF98070

Rs. 790.00

Shimano Jockey & Guide Wheels | Deore RD-T610, Pulley Sets, Y50K98030

Rs. 670.00

CEMA Derailleur Pulley | Shimano/SRAM 10/11 speed Compatible - 11Teeth

Rs. 5,950.00

Shimano Jockey & Guide Wheels | DuraAce RD-R9100, Pulley Set

Rs. 2,450.00

Tripeak OSPW 12/16T Alloy Cage with Ceramic Bearing, Hollow Type

Rs. 21,990.00

Tripeak Jockey Wheel 12/14T Super Ceramic Bearing

Rs. 9,150.00

Tacx Jockey Wheels | T4000 10 Teeth, Cartridge Bearing Black For 7/8 Speed Shimano & 8/9/10 Campagnolo

Rs. 1,290.00

Shimano Jockey & Guide Wheels | RD-5800 Pulley Set, for GS-Type

Rs. 990.00

Shimano Jockey & Guide Wheels | RD-TX35 7/8-Speed, 13T Pulley Sets, Y5WS98030

Rs. 670.00