These classic racing handlebars, as used on road or track bicycles. The bars are designed with three basic parameters; reach, drop, and width. They can be further classified into three categories: classic, typically having a long reach and a deep drop, compact, featuring a shorter reach and a shallow drop, and ergo or anatomic, described below. Drop bars may have one or two longitudinal indentations so that the brake and shift cables protrude less when they are wrapped under the bar tape. They may also have a flattened top section.

Road Handlebars

Controltech Aero Roadbike Handlebar | Cougar Alloy with Di2 Compatibility | RA-527

Rs. 10,999.00

Controltech Aero Roadbike Handlebar | Cougar FL4 Carbon with Di2 Compatibility | RA-522

Rs. 24,999.00

Controltech Road Handlebars | CLS Riser, 31.8mm | RA-537

Rs. 3,899.00

Controltech Road Handlebars | CLS Gravel Riser - FL16, 31.8mm | RA-530

Rs. 4,199.00

Controltech Handlebar | ONE FL0 Round | RA-492

Rs. 2,999.00

Shimano PRO Handlebars | Vibe Alloy Compact, for Road Bike

Rs. 7,920.00

Shimano PRO Handlebars | LT Compact Ergo Alloy, for Road Bike

Rs. 3,520.00

Cannondale Road Bike Handlebars | C3 Alloy

Rs. 2,490.00

Controltech Handlebars | One FL25 Road Riser RA-559

Rs. 3,799.00