If the cable or housing has become kinked, worn, frayed, or corroded, you may experience slow, inconsistent, complicated, or no shifting. Replacing your cables and or housing can improve shifting performance.

Cable Housings

Jagwire Gear Housing | Sport Series, LEX-SL Slick Pre-Lubed 4, 4.5mm

Rs. 210.00

Alligator Gear Cable Housing | SP 4mm Reliable

Rs. 220.00

Alligator Brake Cable Housing Black Volume Box 30 Mtr | LY-22030 (0.5 Mtr x 60 units)

Rs. 260.00

Jagwire Internal Damper Foam Cover | for Cable Housings

Rs. 499.00

Shimano Shifter/Gear Cable and Housing Kits | OT-SP41 Road Optislick

Rs. 1,279.00

Baradine Brake Cable Housing | 2.5m Standard 2P Coiled, Header Card (BH-SD-01)

Rs. 499.00

SRAM Cable Housings | Small Parts Hose Fitting Kit Disc Brake

Rs. 590.00

SRAM Cable Housings | Monoblock Hydraulic Line Kit for Red Etap®, 2000MM

Rs. 3,990.00

Shimano Cable Housings | SM-BH90 Disc Hose 30M

Rs. 15,040.00