Hubs make a huge difference when it comes to the performance of the bicycle. The hubs create the connection between the wheels and the frame of the bike, meaning that faster hubs make for a faster bike. If the bike's hubs contain excess debris within the races that hold the ball bearings, the bike will ride slowly.


Shimano Rear Hubs | Deore FH-M525-A 8/9/10/11-Speed, Disc 6-bolt, QR

Rs. 2,860.00

Shimano MTB Rear Hub | Tourney FH-TX5008, 8/9/10-Speed, w/ Quick Release for Rim Brake

Rs. 950.00

Shimano Rear Hubs | CUES FH-QC300-HM, Center Lock Disc, 11/10/9/8-Speed

Rs. 1,160.00

SRAM MTB Disc Brake Hubs | 406 - 6 Bolt, QR

Rs. 1,990.00

Shimano Rear Hub | Tiagra FH-RS400, 10/11-Speed, w/ Quick Release for Rim Brake

Rs. 2,910.00

Shimano MTB Rear Hub | Acera FH-T3000, 8/9/10-Speed, for Rim Brake

Rs. 1,590.00

Shimano Front Hub | Deore HB-M525A 8/9/10/11 Speed, Disc 6-bolt for Quick Releases

Rs. 2,020.00

Shimano Rear Hub | TX FH-TX505 Series 8/9/10 Speed, Center Lock Disc w/ Quick Release

Rs. 1,950.00

Shimano Front Hub | HB-TX505, Center Lock Rotor W/O Lock Ring

Rs. 670.00