Whether you’re riding road, gravel, mountain, or anything in-between, we’ve got a tailor-made solution for every rider’s tire troubles. Whether it’s application-specific tire levers, glueless patch kits, or a variety of tubeless repair tools, our tire repair lineup provides assurance of not getting left stranded on the side of the road, trail, or wherever you find your happiness.

Puncture Patch Kits

Park Tool Vulcanizing Patch Kit | w/ Patches, Glue and Sandpaper VP-1

Rs. 120.00

IceToolz Puncture Repair Glueless Patch Set AirDam - 6 Patches in plastic box | 56E6

Rs. 210.00

Park Tool Emergency Tire Boots | TB-2

Rs. 450.00

Muc-Off Puncture Patches, Glueless 6x Patches Box (072)

Rs. 499.00

IceToolz Puncture Repair Glueless Patch Set AirDam in Ziplock Pack | 56E6

Rs. 180.00

Maruni Japan Puncture Repair Kit | CK-01 (11218)

Rs. 195.00

Park Tool Puncture Patch Kit | Pre-Glued Super Patch Kit GP-2C

Rs. 260.00

Park Tool MultiTool | Essential Tool Kit WTK-2

Rs. 2,180.00

Hutchinson Puncture Repair Patch Kit (4 Instant Adhesive Patches)

Rs. 395.00