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What we do

Cycling Boutique is India's 1st & Largest Online SuperMarket For Truly International Cycling, Running, Endurance Sports Accessories & Merchandise. We also reaches you the world's best and exotic cool sporty gadgets and to make your active lifestyle more entertaining and enjoyable.

We help you Ignite your passion for Cycling, Running and other Endurance Sports day after day!


Who We Are

Cycling Boutique, Inc., (Cycling Boutique in short form and www.cyclingboutique.in as its main online web store) offers top of the line international cycling and endurance accessories and merchandise products. Our core strength is to serve the Indian cycling community, world class cycling accessories at affordable price. We equally compliment in offering helping hands to any other endurance sports too. 

We focus on offering top of the line user-friendly online shopping platform and make Cycling Boutique a revolutionary iconic brand through laser-focused social support programs to help each and every Cycling enthusiasts in India - whether its a wannabe Lance Armstrong or just a casual weekend rider.

Cycling Boutique is a well-researched and dedicated organisation with methods, procedures for operation, and infrastructure management for uplifting the Cycling and Active Lifestyle enthusiasts in India.


The Company

Cycling Boutique, Inc. is a an organisation owned by Cyclists to address the needs of the rest of the Cycling Communities and assist them in making the best class Cycling Merchandise in India. Fully owned by enthusiastic and passionate cyclists from Bangalore, our aim is to put a full stop for the troubles we face in getting world class Cycling and Endurance Sports accessories in India.

Cycling Boutique Inc. was formed in early 2011 in Bangalore, India under the Business and Establishment Laws of the Government of India.

Cycling Boutique management has best in class professionals having decades of experience in building quality organizations management experience decade of well-seasoned professional work experience with the multinational giants. The proven track record of success in launching highly successful projects and and team leadership across continents in multinational Fortune 500 companies added values to our organisation in dealing with International Business arena. 

The knowledge, experience, and contacts accumulated during the period we have spent with the bicycling communities have led to formation of Cycling Boutique. We have identified the necessity for a reliable, affordable and international quality cycling accessory store to be built and promoted in India to cater the large number of cycling communities in India. 

Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Cycling Boutique has warehousing, distribution and shipping centers distributed at Bangalore, Chennai and Cochin. Cycling Boutique has best in class warehousing space and state of the art technology assisted warehouses to ensure that your shopped goods are in mint conditions. There are currently close to ten employees working with us, driving the Cycling Boutique's infrastructure in world class quality for superior and un-matched service. 

We love the green planet and we strive to make it green!. Cycling Boutique will strongly support the cause of green commute and other environmental cause issues to build a strong image on promoting cycling in India. We sincerely offer all the assistance to make this happen without fail.


The Products

A general description of Cycling Boutique’s major products offering to the Indian cycling and endurance communities would be the complete range of cycling and active lifestyle accessories and merchandise which includes: apparels, after-market spare parts, accessories, safety and security products, nutrition and training, entertainment and commuting products etc.


Our contact details

Cycling Boutique Official Headquarters is located at the following address: (*Note: This is an administration office and no customer visiting / guidance is available at this location) 

Cycling Boutique Inc., Head Office, 
#S1, 12th A Crs, Kaggadaspura Main Road,
CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka State, India 560093
Cell: +919538949110
Email: support@cyclingboutique.in