Staying hydrated is critical to having a good day on the bike, mainly if you’re working hard or riding in the heat of summer. But when you’re focused on the road ahead, a no-brainer plan like “drink when you’re thirsty” can entirely fall apart with even the tiniest barrier to fluid intakes—like a leaky bottle valve, a hard-to-open mouthpiece, or an awful plastic taste to your water. The best water bottles solve those problems and make staying hydrated a little easier, so you don’t have to think about it.

Water Bottles

Polar Bottles | Insulated, Assorted Collections, Made in the USA

Rs. 800.00

Zefal Water Bottles | Sense Pro 80

Rs. 790.00

Zefal Water Bottles | Sense M80

Rs. 465.00

Camelbak Bottles | Podium Series 700ml

Rs. 999.00

Lezyne Flow Water Bottle

Rs. 680.00

Vittoria Water Bottle 650ml

Rs. 210.00

Elite Bottles | Fly Team - WorldTour Grade, 54g

Rs. 590.00

Elite Bottles | Fly Elite

Rs. 590.00

Merida Water Bottles

Rs. 490.00