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It’s a chunk of metal and two bolts that allow you to mount different-sized disc rotors on your bike frame. Basically, it’s a spacer. Bigger spacers = bigger rotors. Not all disc brakes need adaptors: If a bike frame is designed for 160mm rotors and post-mount brakes, and you stick to that size of the rotor, no adaptor is needed. That’s pretty much only the case with Post Mount.

Brake Adapters

Tektro Disc Brake Adaptors - IS & PM Mounts (Various Sizes)

Rs. 384.00

Baradine Disc Brake Adaptors - IS & PM Mounts (Various Sizes)

Rs. 690.00

TRP Adaptor - Flat Mount Frame to Flat Mount Caliper for 160 mm Rotor

Rs. 990.00

Rohloff SPEEDBONE | RHLF-8550

Rs. 999,999.00

Rohloff PM Bone | RHLF-8555

Rs. 999,999.00

Rohloff Monkey Bone 160 mm (IS to PM adapter) | RHLF-8553

Rs. 999,999.00

Shimano Flat Mount Disc Brake Adaptors | BR-RS505, Caliper Mount Bracket, Front (Y8N230000)

Rs. 1,110.00