Elegantly machined from aluminum and paired with long-lasting brass and stainless steel hardware, CO2 tire inflation systems are obsessively engineered to function as beautifully as they look. With a number of C02 inflator styles to choose from, whether a simple slip-fit design or a controlled-release system.

CO2 Cartridges & Inflators

Cannondale 16G CO2 Cartridge (Pack of 3)

Rs. 395.00

Lezyne Trigger Drive CO2 (with 16g Cartridge)

Rs. 1,890.00

Birzman CO2 Dispensor | CO2 Cartridge - 16g

Rs. 200.00

Muc-Off Road Inflator Kit | 20116

Rs. 2,630.00

Lezyne 20G CO2 Cartridge (Pack of 5)

Rs. 1,990.00

Birzman E-Grip CO2 Inflator with Cartridge

Rs. 1,425.00

Birzman Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit | BM19-TUBL-RE-KIT_Std

Rs. 1,825.00

Tacx CO2 Inflator +16 g Threaded CO2 Cartridge (x1)

Rs. 1,595.00

Lezyne Twin Kit Tyre Repair+CO2 Kit

Rs. 2,675.00