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Do I need a heart rate monitor? No, bringing a heart rate monitor into your workout routine is not required. You can maintain an active, healthy lifestyle filled with exercise without one. It comes down to what information is essential to you, especially during your workouts.

Heart Rate Sensors

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) - Bluetooth and ANT+ Sensor

Rs. 4,950.00

Garmin HRM-Dual™ | Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap (HRM)

Rs. 7,490.00

Kinetic Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Strap - Dual Band Bluetooth and ANT+ (HRM)

Rs. 4,900.00

CatEye Heart Rate Sensor HR-11 (ANT+) For Ant+ Cyclocomputers and Cateye Stealth 50/EVO + (HRM)

Rs. 3,690.00

Wahoo Replacement Straps | for HRM GEN 2 - TICKR, TICKRX

Rs. 2,250.00

Wahoo TICKR X HRM Bluetooth and ANT+ Sensor w/ Running, Cadence Analytics

Rs. 7,500.00

Garmin HRM-Tri™ | Heart Rate Monitor with Chest Strap (HRM)

Rs. 12,990.00

CatEye Heart Rate Sensor (HRM) KIT 2.4GHZ (HR-10)

Rs. 2,900.00

CatEye Heart Rate Sensor Belt (HRM) Bluetooth (HR-12)

Rs. 4,590.00