It's important to have grease that is thin enough not to hinder the movement of the bearings, and thick enough to prevent contact between the bearing and the cup/cone. This is where bicycle-specific greases are appropriate.

Assembly Products

Park Tool Greases | Polylube 1000, Lubricant Grease

Rs. 560.00

Park Tool High Performance Grease | HPG-1

Rs. 1,100.00

Shimano Freehub Grease | 50g, Y3B980000

Rs. 700.00

IceToolz Grease Complex Calcium Sulfonate for Hub | C173

Rs. 299.00

IceToolz Anti-slip Paste for Carbon Fiber & Aluminum Alloy | C145

Rs. 390.00

Birzman Anti Slip Compound - 5ml, 2pcs | BM14-CBC-5

Rs. 436.00

Dynamic Bike Care | Galactic Grease Sachet

Rs. 199.00

Effetto Mariposa Lubes | Carbogrip Assembly Resin Paste 3ml (Pack of 2)

Rs. 290.00

Birzman Anti Slip Compound | BM16-CBC-120

Rs. 2,100.00