Cycling Boutique | Peloton  💓🚴‍♂️ - Exciting Rewards and Cashbacks.

Presenting the most exciting and rewarding cycling benefits program in India! - Gets the highest of cash-backs, rewards and exclusive previews, pre-orders, deals and awesome ways to build loyalty perks while you shop online with us!

Cycling Boutique Peloton - Earn Cashbacks & Rewards

We love getting rewarded while shopping for cycling, just the way we get rewarded while riding our bikes with abundance of joy and health. Here's our 11th Year Anniversary Present to all cyclists of India - exciting ways to progress your passion for cycling with us - every time you shop or be with us!

Cycling Boutique Peloton - Earn Cashbacks & Rewards

Build your cool loyalty points while you join us, every time you celebrate your birthday, share the news from us with your friends, shopping with us and much more! - All with an absolutely FREE OF COST and rewarding loyalty program giving you completely visibility and anytime easy cash-back redemptions online!

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* Reward Points Validity: Kindly utilise your accumulated Reward Points every year as they can get invalid or expired, if not used every year. The reward programs are curated from time to time for great benefits for our customers - Enjoy shopping and sharing often for a great cycling times and enjoy benefits.
* This program is available for shopping online from and can be redeemed for online purchases only. This program is not available for in-store purchases or at Cycling Boutique Experience Center.
* This program points cannot be clubbed with any other deals / offers / free shipping points etc.
* The reward program is non-transferable and may have expiry set to it. This expiry will be revised from time to time and will be under the discretion of the company. So kindly redeem your reward points as quick as possible.
* Fair Usage Policy: At any given point of time, any unfair methods of attempting reward points, including creating multiple dummy user accounts, fake reviews, fake referrals etc. will be treated as a clear policy violation to attain unwanted personal gains. Cycling Boutique team will be having authorities to suspend/cancel the users, who engage in unfair practices or reward point accumulation, without prior warning or notification.