Rim Brake pads come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are three basic rim brake pad systems: Road, Threaded Stud, and Smooth Stud. Brake pad replacement is a common service for rim caliper braking systems. With use, pads will simply lose material and become too thin to be effective. Additionally, pad material will also harden as it ages, becoming less effective.

Rim Brake Pads

Tektro MTB/Hybrid Rim Brake Shoes | 836.12

Rs. 199.00

Shimano Rim Brake Shoe | 105 BR-5800, R55C4 Cartridge-Type, Black Pair

Rs. 890.00

Jagwire Road Rim Brake Shoe Inserts | BWP1003 (Pair)

Rs. 299.00

Alligator Rim Brake Shoes | V-Brake, for MTB VB-610-DIY

Rs. 199.00

Shimano Rim Brake Shoes | R55C+1 Brake Shoe, 2 Pair

Rs. 750.00

Shimano Rim Brake Shoe | TIAGRA 4700 Series, R50T4

Rs. 562.00

Shimano Rim Brake Shoe | BR-M770 M70R2, Cartridge-Type

Rs. 1,190.00

Alligator Road Brake Shoe Set | RD-300-DIY

Rs. 690.00

Alligator Rim Brake Pads | Road Block (Cartridge), for Carbon Rim 55mm

Rs. 329.00