Seat Clamps are silly-looking rings that most cyclists don't see significant. Break them once, you will know that they are important and make them in the most elegant and load-taking ways.


Seatpost Clamps

Shimano PRO Quick Release Seatpost Clamps, Black

Rs. 890.00

Shimano PRO Alloy Seatpost Clamps, Black

Rs. 890.00

SRAM Braze-On Adaptors | 31.8mm/34.9mm Clamps

Rs. 2,490.00

SKS Germany Mudguard Spare Part | Stay Mounting Clamp 31.0 - 34.5mm(2 pcs) (11560)

Rs. 600.00

SKS Germany Stay Mounting Clamp (2 pcs)

Rs. 600.00

Surly Constrictor Seatpost Clamp 30.0mm

Rs. 999,999.00

Van Nicholas | VNT Seatpost Collar Alloy 6066-T6

Rs. 2,090.00

Shimano PRO Performance Seatpost Clamps

Rs. 1,303.00

Salsa Lip-Lock Seat Collar 30.0mm

Rs. 1,500.00