Worlds best Triathlon bikes to be on the fastest lanes of line and enjoy the most challenging sport - Triathlon. Only for the fittest ones in the world.

Triathlon & TT Bikes


Rs. 99,999.00

ARGON18 Road Bike | Krypton Mercedez Benz Full Bike

Rs. 99,999.00

Orbea Triathlon/TT Bike | ORDU M10iLTD, Carbon

Rs. 1,026,513.00

Orbea Triathlon/TT Bike | ORDU M20iLTD, Carbon

Rs. 810,485.00

Orbea Triathlon/TT Bike | ORDU M20LTD, Carbon

Rs. 540,260.00

ARGON18 Road Bike | E-119 Tri+

Rs. 1,040,000.00

ARGON18 Road Bike | E-118 Tri+

Rs. 1,454,000.00

ARGON18 Road Bike | E-117 Tri

Rs. 989,858.00

ARGON18 Triathlon Bike | E-117 Tri Disc (Frame Kit Only)

Rs. 224,000.00