We have a Collection of Reliable puncture Repair Essentials so you can ride with the assurance of not getting stranded. Our glueless patches use a super-aggressive adhesive.

Tube Patch Kits

Park Tool Vulcanizing Patch Kit | w/ Patches, Glue and Sandpaper VP-1

Rs. 120.00

IceToolz Puncture Repair Glueless Patch Set AirDam - 6 Patches in plastic box | 56E6

Rs. 210.00

IceToolz Puncture Repair Glueless Patch Set AirDam in Ziplock Pack | 56E6

Rs. 180.00

Park Tool Puncture Patch Kit | Pre-Glued Super Patch Kit GP-2C

Rs. 260.00

Hutchinson Puncture Repair Patch Kit (4 Instant Adhesive Patches)

Rs. 395.00

Muc-Off Glueless Patch SRT | 20312

Rs. 240.00

Lezyne Metal Kit Puncture Patches

Rs. 535.00

Lezyne Lever Kit-Puncture Patches with Tyre Lever

Rs. 760.00

Zefal Puncture Repair Kit | Emergency Kit in Box, w/ 6 Patches & Stainless Steel Tube Grater

Rs. 465.00