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A power meter is an electronic device built into your bicycle's drivetrain and measures the power, or more specifically, the torque, you generate when you ride. Power meters are usually built into your cranks, crank arms or pedals.

Power Meters

Wahoo Road Pedal Clipless SPD-SL | Speed Play Zero

Rs. 20,700.00

Garmin Cycle Computer & Pedal Combo | Vector 3 Dual-sensing Power Meter + Garmin Edge 530 Main Unit Only

Rs. 99,990.00

Quarq Power Meter | RIKEN Crankset Based (GXP) Alloy

Rs. 49,500.00Rs. 89,990.00

power2max colour decal for NGeco power meter

Rs. 200.00

Garmin Power Meter Pedals | Rally RS200 - Dual-Sensing

Rs. 116,990.00

Garmin Power Meter Pedals | Rally RS100 - Single-Sensing

Rs. 68,990.00

FSA Power Meter | POWERBOX Crankset Based (BB386EVO) Alloy - 110 BCD / 170mm

Rs. 55,500.00Rs. 69,990.00