These Small Mini Hand Pumps are the perfect size to take along on a bike ride, offering an ideal balance of portability and pumping power. Ideal to take along when space and weight are an issue. Aluminum barrel with a soft-touch dual-density flip-out handle. The locking head is Presta and Schrader valve compatible. Includes pump holder and hardware to securely attach to water bottle bosses or under the bottle cage.

Mini Hand Pumps

Giyo Micro Floor Pump | GM-71 w/ 140psi Pressure Gauge, Presta / Shrader Ready, Silver

Rs. 1,549.00

Giyo Micro Floor Pump | GM-821 w/ 140psi High Performance Pump with Gauge, Presta and Shrader Compatible

Rs. 1,699.00

IceToolz Mini Floor Pump VeloClub Aluminum, High Pressure | A351

Rs. 2,750.00

Beto Mini Hand Pumps | 003A, Superlight - 50g, 16cm (Presta Only)

Rs. 1,790.00

Birzman MTB Pump | Velocity Apogee

Rs. 2,625.00

Topeak Mini Hand Pumps | ROADIE DA, 120 PSI, Presta Only, without Analog Gauge

Rs. 1,645.00

Giyo Micro Floor Pump | GM641, Mini Pump, Economic

Rs. 900.00

Lezyne Mini Hand Pump | Pocket Drive HP High Pressure

Rs. 2,395.00

ELEMENT Micro Floor Pump | GM-71 with 140psi Pressure Gauge, Presta and Shrader Compatible

Rs. 1,549.00