Cycling socks are designed to work well under cycling-specific repeated motion and stress, with high breathability and sweat absorption features. Yes, cycling socks are not always designed and manufactured the same as that of normal one's. Check out the finest socks in cycling world - just right cycling socks with efficient ventilation zones and strategic cushioning, to ensure comfort and pedalling performance with a touch of style.


Shimano Cycling Socks | Original 2022 Tall Socks

Rs. 890.00Rs. 4,578.00

Ale Cycling Strada Q-Skin Socks

Rs. 1,400.00

Santini Trek-Segafredo Socks

Rs. 1,250.00

Santini Bengal Socks

Rs. 1,290.00

Santini Ironman DEA Socks

Rs. 1,250.00

Sanitni Ironman VIS Socks

Rs. 1,250.00

Santini Cubo Low Profile Socks

Rs. 1,290.00

Santini Sfera Medium Profile Socks

Rs. 1,725.00

Santini Puro Socks

Rs. 1,650.00
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