The speed-only sensor determines a trip's speed and distance based on a bike's wheel circumference, and the cadence-only sensor only senses rotations per minute of the crank arm. The speed/cadence combo is the most popular, providing both types of data to cyclists through a combination of sensors.

Speed & Cadence Sensors

Garmin Bike Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2 Bundle (Bluetooth & ANT+)

Rs. 7,490.00

Wahoo Wireless Cycling Speed Sensor w/ Bluetooth & ANT+

Rs. 4,200.00

Wahoo Wireless Cycling Cadence Sensor w/ Bluetooth & ANT+

Rs. 3,700.00

Wahoo Cycle Computer | BLUE SC Speed & Cadence Sensor

Rs. 5,200.00

Wahoo Wireless Cycling Speed / Cadence Sensors Combo Pack w/ Bluetooth & ANT+

Rs. 6,999.00

CatEye Speed/Cadence Sensor | ISC-11 (ANT+ Only, Non Bluetooth)

Rs. 3,990.00

Garmin Speed Sensor 2

Rs. 3,990.00

Garmin Cycle Computer & Pedal Combo | Vector 3 Dual-sensing Power Meter + Garmin Edge 530 Main Unit Only

Rs. 99,990.00

Velo Computer Speed Sensor | VC5 Magnet-less

Rs. 4,100.00