A quick-release axle has a 5mm rod with a camming lever on one side and a nut on the other, and its function is to allow you to remove the wheel of your bicycle without using a tool. A quick-release axle also will enable you to remove the wheel without removing the axle.

Quick Release

ABC Quick Releases | Skewers

Rs. 1,190.00

Novatec Quick Release | QR-247 112

Rs. 1,490.00

Novatec Quick Release | QR-249

Rs. 1,490.00

Velocity QR Skewer - Internal cam

Rs. 999,999.00

Krutials Quick Release Skewers | QR

Rs. 1,190.00Rs. 2,100.00

Parcours Quick Release Skewer Set

Rs. 3,675.00

JQB Quick Release Lever / Skewer | Alloy + Chromoly, Assorted for Standard Wheels(Various Sizes)

Rs. 790.00Rs. 820.00

ABC Anti-Theft Quick Releases | Hex Skewers

Rs. 1,290.00