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The wheel is the most crucial element of the bicycle: it allows the rider to roll over the ground with great speed and efficiency. The wheels ultimately support your entire weight but in a very interesting way. While early spoked wheels were almost always made out of wood, the bicycle wheels and spokes of today are made out of steel or aluminum or occasionally more exotic materials such as carbon composite or ceramics. Minimizing the weight of the wheels is extremely important in bicycle design.

26" Wheels

Merida MTB Wheels 26" | Alloy, Rim Brake (Matts 10-V Series)

Rs. 2,218.00

Mavic Alloy MTB Wheelset, 26" | Crossride UB 26'', Non-Disc, Clincher, 6-Bolts hub, QR only

Rs. 13,524.00

Mavic Alloy MTB Wheelset, 26'' | Crossride FTS-X, 26'' Clincher, 6-Bolts hub Disc brake, Thru-Axle & QR

Rs. 13,524.00