Aerobars are also referred to as TT/Triathlon bars. They are essentially handlebar extensions with padded forearm rests that allow the rider to get into a more aerodynamic position by drawing their body forward into a tucked position, with a dropped torso.

Aerobars / TT Bars

3T Extension Ski-Bend with Clipon Alloy (Bundle)

Rs. 8,480.00

3T S-Bend Extension Carbon Bends Bar With Clip-On

Rs. 13,580.00

3T Extension Alloy S-Bend with Clipon (Set)

Rs. 8,580.00

3T Ski-Extension Alloy Bends Bar with Clip-On

Rs. 8,480.00

3T S-Bend extensions alloy bends bar with clip on

Rs. 8,480.00

3T S-Bends Extensions, Carbon (Without Clip-On Clamps)

Rs. 9,990.00

3T Clip-On w/o Extensions

Rs. 5,590.00

3T S-Bend Extension Alloy without Clip-On

Rs. 2,990.00

3T TT Base Bar with Clip-On Aerobars | Vola

Rs. 14,990.00