Having the right Brake Parts & Accessories will ensure that your brakes are working the way they are intended to work. Brakes can be a confusing subject for some, though. Brake parts are not universal and most brakes require special Brake Adapters, Brake Pads, Brake Rotors, Hydraulic Lines & Fittings, and Rotor Bolts.

Brake Small Parts

Shimano Brake Cable End Caps | for Crimping - 1.6mm, Alloy (One Piece)

Rs. 340.00

Alligator Cable End Caps | for Brakes Cables Crimping, 2.0mm Alloy (Single Piece)

Rs. 40.00

Shimano Gear Cable End Caps | for Crimping - 1.2mm, Alloy (Single Piece)

Rs. 370.00

Jagwire Gear Ferrule | for Gear Outer Cable, Plastic 4.0mm, Black

Rs. 49.00

Ashima Brake Ferrule | for Brake Outer Cable, Brass Chrome Plated, 5.1mm

Rs. 30.00

Tektro Disc Brake Adaptors - IS & PM Mounts (Various Sizes)

Rs. 384.00

Shimano Cable End Caps | Outer Cap Resin 6mm, for SIS -SP40/Shift Cable

Rs. 50.00

Jagwire Gear Ferrule | for Gear Outer Cable, Alloy 4.0mm, Black

Rs. 80.00

Shimano Olive and Insert Pin | SM-BH90 for SM-BH90, for BH90-SB/-SS/-SBLS/-SBS/-SBM

Rs. 150.00