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Headlamps are a useful adjunct to bicycle lights. They can be pointed without steering the bike, giving useful fill-in lighting especially on poor or very dark roads. They have the added safety benefit of positioning the light higher on the cyclist for increased visibility. They also allow the wearer to read road and directional signs placed on high signposts. However, due to the high position of the light the glare may dazzle oncoming traffic.

Helmet Lights

XMR Light Combo | Strap 2.0s, Strap-On, Blinkers Front & Rear

Rs. 325.00

CatEye Rear Safety Light | Loop 2 SL-LD-140R-BA With Velcro Strap (External Battery)

Rs. 1,090.00

CatEye Helmet lamp Dual Sided | Volt 400 Duplex, Front & Rear Integrated, Rechargeable | HL-EL462RC-H

Rs. 5,490.00

Knog Rear Light | Blinder Mini Dot

Rs. 1,995.00

CatEye Helmet Mount Bracket for Headlights | 5341831N

Rs. 499.00

Lezyne Dual Helmet Light | Femto Duo

Rs. 2,199.00

Knog Rear Light | Pwr Road 600

Rs. 1,995.00