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Suspension oil is used inside your bicycle suspension to lubricate and dampen the compression of the fork and rear shock. Different viscosities of oil are used depending on the suspension's design and the rider's preferences.

We have different viscosities of oil available pick the best-required ones you need.

Suspension Fluids

Rockshox Suspension Oils | 0wt-30 / 2.5wt / 3wt / 5wt/ 7wt / 10wt / 15wt (120ml Bottle)

Rs. 490.00

WPL ForkBoost Lube 120 ml

Rs. 700.00

WPL Suspension Oil 1L

Rs. 2,499.00

Juice Lubes | Fork Juice-Original Suspension Lubricant (400ml)

Rs. 1,190.00

Rockshox Reverb Hydraulic Fluid | for Reverb/Sprint - 120ml Bottle

Rs. 790.00

Rockshox Rear Suspension Fluids | PitStop

Rs. 1,190.00