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Bicycle forks usually have an offset, or rake (not to be confused with different use of the word rake in the motorcycle world), that places the fork ends forward of the steering axis. This is achieved by curving the blades forward, angling straight blades forward, or by placing the fork ends forward of the centerline of the blades. The latter is used in suspension forks that must have straight blades in order for the suspension mechanism to work. Curved fork blades can also provide some shock absorption.

The purpose of this offset is to reduce 'trail', the distance that the front wheel ground contact point trails behind the point where the steering axis intersects the ground. Too much trail makes a bicycle feel difficult to turn.

Rigid Forks

3T Road Bike Rigid Fork | Rigida Pro, Carbon

Rs. 25,800.00

Ritchey Fork | Comp Carbon Road 1-1/8" QR 43mm Rake

Rs. 21,999.00