The Company

Cycling Boutique, Inc. is a an organisation owned by Cyclists to address the needs of the rest of the Cycling Communities and assist them in making the best class Cycling Merchandise in India. Fully owned by enthusiastic and passionate cyclists from Bangalore, our aim is to put a full stop for the troubles we face in getting world class Cycling and Endurance Sports accessories in India.

Cycling Boutique Inc. was formed in early 2011 in Bangalore, India under the Business and Establishment Laws of the Government of India. 

Cycling Boutique management has best in class professionals having decades of experience in building quality organizations management experience decade of well-seasoned professional work experience with the multinational giants. The proven track record of success in launching highly successful projects and and team leadership across continents in multinational Fortune 500 companies added values to our organisation in dealing with International Business arena.


Investor Opportunities

Interested in being a part of the revolutionary company into Cycling ?  Reach us via - We would love to hear from you.