We have various Pump Mounts and Multi-Valve adapters to convert from Presta to Schrader and vice-versa

Pump Small Parts

Icetoolz Dual Nozzle Pump Valve for Easy Presta/Shrader Valve Air Filling | A451V

Rs. 890.00

Lezyne Mounts | HV Pump Mount w/Straps

Rs. 550.00

Birzman Pumps | Snap-It Pro Valve Head

Rs. 1,275.00

Birzman Pump Small Parts | Helix Head

Rs. 1,450.00

Lezyne Mini Pump End Caps

Rs. 375.00

Birzman Pump Spare Part | Snap-It Elite Valve Head

Rs. 3,275.00

Lezyne Mounts | HP Pump Mount w/Straps

Rs. 550.00

Birzman Mounting Bracket For Velocity Apogee Pump | BM13ZCMN0701

Rs. 600.00

Birzman Mounting Bracket For Sheath Apogee | BM15ZCSHEATH10

Rs. 600.00