Comfort bike seats are shaped like other saddles, but usually have thicker foam or added gel. For casual riders, extra padding can prevent sit bones from feeling bruised after a two-hour ride—but spending long hours on an extra-padded saddle can actually cut off circulation It’s all about finding the right amount of padding for your riding style and comfort level.

Comfort Saddles

Selle Italia Saddle | S5 Superflow - Comfort Gel Saddle, Sportouring

Rs. 5,799.00

Selle Royal Saddle | Rio Plus - Comfort Foam Saddle

Rs. 1,833.00

Shimano PRO Saddle | Turnix CrMo

Rs. 4,400.00

Shimano PRO Saddle | Stealth Sport with Cutout

Rs. 6,610.00

Selle Italia Saddle | MAX S5 Superflow

Rs. 6,499.00

Selle Royal Saddle | Seta - Sport Riding, Flat Design

Rs. 2,495.00

Brooks England Leather Saddles | C17 Cambium

Rs. 9,900.00

Selle Royal Road & MTB Saddle | Comfort S024, Unisex

Rs. 1,775.00

Selle Royal Saddle | SABA - Sport Riding, Wave Design

Rs. 2,495.00