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Most mountain bike suspension systems run on air springs, so to get the fork or rear shock set up or adjusted, you need a pump that can add air at a high enough pressure. A high-pressure suspension pump is designed specifically for this purpose.

A regular tire pump cannot complete this task, which will be inaccurate and prevent you from adequately adjusting the shock. Also, tire pumps stress the internals of the shock needlessly.

Suspension Pumps

Beto Suspension Pump | Shock Pump

Rs. 3,199.00

Manitou Suspension Fork / Shock Pump 300psi

Rs. 2,990.00

Merida Mini Hand Pump | Shock Hand Suspension Pump 300 PSI

Rs. 2,090.00

Lezyne Mini Hand Pump | Digital Drive Shock Pump

Rs. 6,395.00

SuperB Floor Pump | Crown Race Puller (TB-1926)

Rs. 2,100.00

Buzzy's USA Suspension Shock Pump | Pollinator 300psi

Rs. 4,300.00

Rockshox Pump Fork / Shock Pump (600PSI)

Rs. 4,590.00

Rockshox Pump Fork Shox Pump 300 PSI

Rs. 3,990.00