Why you find fluctuations on imported cycling products in India?

Being a cycling products retailer from large number of brands originating from large number manufacturers, suppliers, distibution channels, we at Cycling Boutique have no role in deciding the price of products sold by us. The pricing are solely decided and managed by the respective brand's suppliers/distributors, who are the custodians of the various products import and sales. The prices are decided by these third-party companies and updated by them from time to time based on many parameters and economic lifecycle of the product, affected by important parameters like Foreign exchange rates, international shipping costs etc to name a few, making the product price fluctuating over times.
Regarding the price of cycling components and, in general, the price fluctuations that happened over the past couple of years have been quite high. The prices are much more different than before Covid times too. It is quite normal to observe prices fluctuating as high as double the cost for some products than earlier years.

The Reason: There is no price guarantee for imported products. Every shipment, the price of the product changes as shipments originate from various countries by various parties at different price points and import costings. It’s the same reason we cannot find any bicycle at the same price as even a year back in the current market. Distributors updates their product pricing on each shipment these days.

Also, many suppliers/companies often flush out their old or even unofficial products onto the market. You may also see many dealers or distributors under market pressure doing undercut sales, eventually going out of business or loosing distributionship etc dumping off their products at cheaper pricing. Many online marketplaces supply products meant for OEM manufacturing and not for public supply source these products and appears in other unofficial online marketplaces. 

On average, cycling product prices have increased considerably, concerning pre-covid days - as high as 40% or more. It's possible that old products still exist and you will find different prices for the same. No company can guarantee the same product price every time, as the imported price depends a lot on inflation, Forex rates, international shipping costs, and many other expenses.

Due to these reasons, you may find the same product with different price ranges in stocks. These are tough to manage, but we are gradually seeing a kind of price stabilization in the years ahead.

What makes Cycling Boutique unique and reliable: With more than 12years of highest trust and direct physical store operations in Bengaluru, India, Cycling Boutique only deal with 💯 genuine direct imports from Original manufacturers and suppliers, which means you will get authentic and latest stock of products, all in our ready-to-ship stores.

We always make sure that they are original and that you are dealing with top-notch technical people who can support you long years ahead. When you buy from drop shipping / online marketplaces, you or even the websites offering products may need to clarify what products you will get.

We are the highest order of all major international brands we deals with for sales/service and warranty contact point in India. So our customers are bound to get protection and care way ahead of any other online channels that mushrooms and usually do not perish for long years.


  • Can you offer a price a match on products?

If you need the most economical spares, you may request us so that we can look out for the most economical batch of products to arrive in our stocks. Some times, we might be having products arrived at different prices in our stock. We can search through and assist if there are possibilities of availability.

  • What are the challenges with price control and price match?

Just like you as a consumer, we also do not wish to deal with price fluctuations as it gives us additional overheads to track differential pricing of products from time-to-time. We are also in the process of requesting price control with various distributors and manufacturers for a while. But getting the right support from various suppliers and importers is a hindrance as they are not often very keen on a free trade economy and price control among each other. To overcome this hassle, we are also in the process of implementing our prime match services from our company side soon so that our customers can get the best out of cycling. Stay tuned for updates on this.

For any clarifications feel free to reach our support team.


Happy Shopping and Cycling!
Team @ Cycling Boutique, Inc.