How to Pack your bike in cardboard box for free of cost and transport hassle-free!

by Biju K on October 07, 2022

How to pack your bicycle for a travel or transport easily in cardboard box.

Traveling to Cycling Boutique from out of state / country to get your BikeFit done ? or wish to travel around and explore more place for a bike packing trip ? Or a home relocation?

These are the times, people forego the bike and drop the plans of carrying or riding the bike in the trip. The task look daunting and risky, but it's not.

The most economic way is to get a standard bicycle carton box (good quality) and neatly pack your bike for airline, bus or any other mode of transport with your bicycle. You might be able to get the box free of cost from any nearby bicycle shops if you are requesting to them.

Once you have the box, it's easy and you can pack the bike by yourself. Here's how you can do it:

If you are located in Bengaluru, India, you can use assistance from Cycling Boutique Experience Center to get the box packed in top class professional bike-boxing service from us as hundreds of people confidently travelled around the world our assistances carrying their most expensive bikes with our expertise in this work. Get an appointment, and you know you will save not just the time, but a lot of money too from expensive repair jobs or from travelling issue hassles.



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