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by Biju K on October 04, 2022

Cycling wisdom from Cycling Boutique : Cost of bike bags and why it could we invest on a better bike bag to safeguard the bike in transit.

Here's the options to consider:

1) Hard Case Bags above ~45k:

Big Bags, Bike Boxes, Bike Transport, Bike Travel Bags - Buy Online in India from Cycling Boutique

These bags or boxes offers 100% reliability from bags getting thrown off kind of situations. These comes with a number of add-ons to pack the bike so easily and proven ways. Some of them comes in one or two sizes to ensure that one gets the smallest size suitable for a bike. Often comes with TSA lock, rotating wheels etc. Weighs: ~6kg to 9kg. Most are airline friendly and often doesn't need to pay for extra luggage on better airlines.

2) Soft Case Bags above ~25k:
Bike Transport, Bike Bag, Bike Soft Bags - Buy Online in India from Cycling Boutique
Value for money soft cases offers medium level of protection from bags on descent level of handling on transport. Most will protect if the bike bag is transported in neat form and also not while kept on bulky heavy luggages. Airlines often take are of these bags well and we can hope for the best in almost all cases. If someone decides to throw the bike box from the aircraft to the luggage trolly downwards from a height, this bag may not save a bike and there could be risks.

3) Soft Cover Bags under ~25k:
Bike Case, Bike Carrying Cover, Bike Transport Bag - Buy Online in India from Cycling Boutique
The economic soft bags offers just covering protection and is suitable for accompanied organising bike in personal transport like car, train etc. where the packed bike is under the carriers custody at any given time. This bike bag cannot be made fall or thrown from any distance or height. This is to just organise and pack the bike - just like a large shoulder / sling bag.

4) Simple cardboard Bike Box:
Bike Cardboard Box at Cycling Boutique
You may get it free from us often. We do professional packing services at Rs 1100 + GST 18%. Hundreds of people utilises this service and its highly worth getting this done, if you are considering transport by this way. The amount of care we do or clarifications you get is really worth the time and efforts you need to put to get the bike box done by yourself.

This box goes through airlines checkin often without additional luggage charges, if your airline is a better one in terms of luggage allowance. The volumetric dimensions will mostly cover in their allowance. Always intimate the airline that you are transporting the bike as "Sports Utility" and carry this communication to the checkin counter, in case if they asks for clarifications.

Our Suggestion: The thumb of rule is to invest in good quality bags, costing to be based on the value and significance of protecting the bike as abandoning the bike ride / repair often can cost more than a bike bag. You may consider it as an insurance cost for long term and be hassle-free while travelling. Usually a bike bag give tremendous opportunity to make use of the bike and explore wherever one wish to go and ride while on business or leisure travel.

Checkout Cycling Boutique's Bike Bag Collection here:

*Note: Most of the bags in the above collection above are also available on-demand with us. Reach us on +918277276424 for assistances.

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by Karthik K Swamy on October 07, 2022

As always, gratitude for the neutral advice on this topic. I am planning for the Ironman ahead and will surely drop by to get your assistance in packing my bike.

Thanx ✌️


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