Common cycling changes you might need during coronavirus pandemic

by Cycling Boutique on April 23, 2020
Hard hits too happen in life!

For cyclists, as Corona / Covid-19 virus continues to spread, it’s changing almost every aspect of not only personal life in countries around the world, but also the favorite cycling rides — and bringing new challenges and uncertainties ahead.

Planning a ride is going to be a challenging and invisibly stressful affair, not just for the rider, but for the associated families too in the time ahead.

Here's quick tips and suggestions to consider ahead for the upcoming "New World" for cyclists ahead:

  • Strictly practice social distancing - be it for solo rides through busy streets, villages or having a tea at dhaba's!
  • Social hygiene to be paramount when on road and once back home from ride.
  • Avoid getting into crowded restaurants for quick bites or taking rest.
  • Avoid sharing of personal belongings, tools etc.
  • Do not argue with people who might be interfering with rides who might be on social patrol or who are little over vigilant in these Corona hysteria times.
  • Invest in home trainers or indoor trainers. They are not only good for structured training, the whole family can get into fitness regime as it's easy to make use of a home trainer by the entire home!
  • Always make a practice to check news on areas you are going to venture into - especially if it's a longer ride. Sudden curfews can get imposed in regions and and be troublesome to get out. Also check the active Covid hot-spots list so that you can be aware of the sensitivity of areas.

Maintaining an active healthy lifestyle is paramount in life to even fight with a potential viral infection. So keep riding as much as possible, while abiding the laws of the nation, special interests, social emotions and netiquettes.


Team @ Cycling Boutique.

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by Sampath TK on April 23, 2020

Good to see you guys sharing the knowledge. It’s gonna be quite tougher for us who ride often in the years ahead due to this nasty Corona.
Hope situation improves quickly for better rides ahead. Need to aim for more SR’s and enjoy ultra endurance distances.

Keep posting updates please.


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