Google Maps Cycle Routes & How to use them while cycling in India

by Biju K on October 23, 2022

Millions of users worldwide use google maps to plan travel with many modes of travel. Wether you are riding a bicycle in Bangalore (Bengaluru), cycling in Chennai or Mumbai, Google Maps has updated its cycle route tracking system by adding augmented reality features. Google Maps is currently using the bicycle lane option. While most cyclists use Google Maps to navigate in daily use, few are able to display bike lane maps.

At Cycling Boutique, we often use Google Maps for riding across India and also for creating our group rides etc.

Is Google Maps good for cyclists?

While it's not always safe to keep your phone outside, that can act like a theft deterrent, we suggest using your phone well hidden in your clothing or bags and use wired, wireless earphones while riding to get turn by turn navigations. Get used to the way of listening to the earphones and careful use of the earphones or music is not harmful, if you are an alert person and also when the volume is at low levels (<60 decibels suggested).

How can I show bike paths on Google Maps?

One of the best way to use Google Maps or any other forms of maps is to use bicycle computers (cyclo computers) to effectively use map features while riding.

How can I show bike paths on Google Maps?

We suggest using your phone or cyclo computers to get the bike paths and easy to route bicycle destinations in your area.

How to download Google Maps for Offline Cycle Routes?

To conserve the phone battery life, always download the offline maps in your phone or effectively use a bicycle computer. Ensure that the map is fully loaded before your ride. Here's a great collection of bicycle computers you can find in India Online at Cycling Boutique's Online store and also at our of a kind of best bikeshop in the world - The Cycling Boutique Experience Center, Bengaluru, India.

Use Satellite Map Type to Better Understand Your Cycle Route

When using google maps, use the satellite mode to see the localities for more effective visualisation.

How to create cycling routes and ride effectively?

Make use of cycling apps/websites like or etc for creating and loading the maps in phone apps or cyclo computers easily.

  • Strava: Helps you analyse your ride effectively, while mixing the essence of social media connections.
  • Komoot: Helps you explore amazing routes.

Pay Attention to Route Elevation Data

One of the best features of riding with maps is to understand the effects of elevation and preparations for the ride as elevation effects the ride's overall speed and also the energy requirements.



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