HowTo: Fix a puncture by yourself

by Cycling Boutique on April 23, 2020

Fixing a puncture is the most basic job you must learn (especially in these tougher days of social distancing) so that you can do a bit of maintenance of your bike by self.

Here's a good detailed post from the Bike-Radar: How To Fix Punctures

by Ranjit Soman on June 19, 2020

Guys, I am eagerly awaiting the next Mechanical Workshops. Keep us posted.


by Dilip Mohan on April 23, 2020


by Mrinal Sen on April 23, 2020

He he.. Was waiting for the mechanical workshop and this came in right time.
Was stuck up in Covid days. This is going to help me well to get my bike back on road.

See ya.


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